We’re Growing

The team at Mulholland Media is growing with a new film school graduate and specialist editor Sam joining us in the spring. We’re really excited to have Sam on board to help grow our ever expanding video production business. Sam will be getting involved in everything from planning shoots, installing time-lapse cameras, post production and more.

Aerial drone photography for estate agents is now an essential way to market properties within the industry. We can produce dramatic video footage and aerial photography to help estate agents provide their clients with a unique perspective of the property and it’s surrounding area. We are proud to be providing aerial photography for exclusive property seller Fine & Country. Looking forward to sharing some images soon!

AMCO Rail have recently enlisted the skills of the Mulholland Media team for their photography, video production and time lapse requirements. The new partnership will see many new and exciting projects being covered in the near future. The installation of our time lapse camera systems will enable the company to gain a good understanding and overview of any projects that are underway. The camera systems also provide a good level of security and give site managers an idea of forecasted timeframes. For more information or to view some of our time lapse work click here.

We recently helped out the Beijing Biddies on their Cancer Research fund raising trip to the Arctic Circle. We covered all press photo shoots so they had some nice pictures to go out to the local media. Action camera’s were  provided to mount inside their cars so they could record their entire trip. You can see what they got up to here.

We’ve just landed back from two filming projects in Copenhagen, Denmark and Nantes, France. Both projects were for long time customer Thorn Lighting. The videos produced will be uploaded to our work pages soon.

We recently flew to Riga, Latvia for photography and filming for our client BSW Timber Group. The trip saw the team filming for two days at their sawmill in Riga and in the local forests. You can see some of our shots here.

Check out some of our drone filming work at the Deva Chester Triathlon on Channel 4 this Saturday. The Deva Chester triathlon is held in the historic city of Chester and is currently in it’s 24th year. It was a pleasure to be able to capture some fantastic drone footage of the event.

We’ve had our RED Epic upgraded with the new Dragon sensor.

We’ve recently started working with Story Contracting on a number of time-lapse and video projects. Looking forward to sharing some of the results very soon!

Our brand new Movi M15 has arrived in the office this week. This amazing piece of technology gives us the ability to perform complex super smooth cameras movements with total flexibility.

The little brother MōVI M5 arrived this week. Some really nice improvements on the M10 and very, very stable.

We’re now processing 4K video like nobody’s business with the new Mac Pro!

We’ve recently added another RED Epic to our kit list, giving our clients even more 5K filming goodness! We use our Epic’s as standard on every single project, at no extra cost.

Just received our first Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera today. A great compliment to our RED Epic, giving us a slightly more compact 4K filming solution.

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